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Billing practice


The application of fees is managed, for major transparency for the Client, by the periodic forwarding of analytic statements indicating fees, charges and costs, drawn up on the basis of the national legal fees pursuant to Ministerial Decree n. 127 of 8 April 2004.

Alternatively, at the Clientís request, the Firmís fees may be calculated on an hourly basis. Application of the hourly fee may result as more convenient for the Client in the case of disputes of a high value.

For special situations and needs, diverse forms of fee application may be agreed.

In the absence of any agreement on alternative fee application methods, the remuneration is calculated according to the national scale of fees.

To protect the Clientís interests also means employing resources and services proportionate to the ends pursued. The Firm therefore offers its Clients different levels of service, agreeing on the most opportune according to the circumstances.

In any case, the Firm supplies estimates free of charge on the expected fees and charges that may eventually be due.


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