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Insolvency Proceedings

Areas of practice

In addition to regularly supplying pre-bankruptcy assistance to debtors and creditors of insolvent companies, Studio Legale Hartner has developed specific competence on matters linked to insolvency procedures, such as oppositions to the declaration of bankruptcy, applications for proving in bankruptcy, recovery of assets, revendications and exemptions from the debtor’s liability as well as actions to prevent the diminution of the debtor’s estate by his fraud and other oppositions and claims against decisions of the trustee and the Bankruptcy Court.

The Firm also assists its Clients, whether creditors or debtors, in the procedures for composition with creditors, compulsory winding-up and extraordinary administration.

Another area in which the Firm is specialized is that of bankruptcy sales – a field closely connected to bankruptcy procedures. After the recent reform of Italian Bankruptcy Law, bankruptcy sales may now take place with more flexible competitive procedures than the previous rigid forced sale proceedings.

Studio Legale Hartner adapted its services to comply with the new discipline of Italian Bankruptcy Law which now exonerates a large range of subjects from bankruptcy, accelerates the phase of ascertainment of the liabilities and abrogates controlled administration and summary proceedings.

In international bankruptcy cases, the Firm takes avail of the cooperation of its professional foreign correspondents.

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