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National scale of fees


The criterion of the National scale of fees is deliberated by the National lawyer’s Council, approved by the Minister of Justice and applied both for out-of-court performances and for representation and defence in court.

The National scale sets maximums and minimums of the lawyers’ charges (“
diritti”) and fees (“onorari”).

Charges (“
diritti”) are for a lawyer’s technical representation in court which may be performed by the same lawyer who defends the party. Charges regard each single activity, carried out by the lawyer in court (for example, the lodging of documents in court, the setting down of action or the participation in hearings). The amount of such charges depends on the value of the case.

Fees (“
onorari”) are due for the party’s defence as remuneration for activities such as drafting the pleadings or the study of the dispute etc. They are due for both in and out of court performances and are determined on the basis of the value of the case, the number and importance of the issues treated and the degree of the court to which application is made.

Italians lawyers are entitled to receive a fixed reimbursement for overheads, at present amounting to 12,5% of the lawyer’s fees and charges. Furthermore, an amount of 2% of the total of the bill is charged as contribution to the National Insurance Institute (C.P.A. – “
Cassa Previdenza Avvocati”).


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