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Litigation and Arbitration

Areas of practice

Studio Legale Hartner defends and represents Italian and foreign Clients on civil and corporate disputes pending before Italian Courts.

Through a huge network of primary correspondents abroad, the Firm is able to provide assistance to its Italian Clients even in controversies pending in other countries.

The Firm gives special consideration to alternative ways of settling disputes, by drawing up settlement agreements and conciliation deeds, and in objectively assessing the same in order to allow the Client to avoid court action if there is little hope of victory.

In addition, the Firm offers its services in the assistance of Clients in arbitration procedures, at both national and international level, and in alternative proceedings generically included under ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution. Procedures to which the parties prefer to resort with increasing frequency, instead of bringing the case to court, because of the lengthy time of Italian justice, especially in the case of controversies relative to international contracts.

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