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International Civil Law and International Civil Procedural Law

Areas of practice

Being highly specialised in international law, Studio Legale Hartner has successfully debated numerous international cases and consolidated experience in the settlement of jurisdiction conflicts.

In the foreign trade sector, one of the Firmís most important activities regards international contracts.

The drafting of an international contract is a sophisticated operation and calls for a high level of specialisation, both legal and linguistic.

And in fact, because of the differences between legal systems, terms which at first sight correspond to each other may actually have different meanings.

As can be imagined, only knowledge of the legal systems of the countries in which the contract shall be binding and where the effects for which it has been stipulated must be produced, can allow for achieving the principle purpose of the clauses pursuant to the chosen applicable law, which is that of protecting the contract from action filed pursuant to national laws.

In this field, the
lex mercatoria, often invoked as a self-regulating mechanism of the international market economy, has been the subject of particular in-depth study on the part of the Firm.

Another instrument commonly used by the Firm and which has proven to be advantageous in the execution of international contracts, is the reference to the principles for international commercial contracts drawn up by the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (Unidroit), with headquarters in Rome.

With particular reference to international Clients, the Firm has acquired consolidated experience in the field of international successions, last will and testament, donations, international family relationships, adoptions, immigration and citizenship.

The Firmís activity also includes assistance and defence in the field of recognition and execution of foreign sentences and decisions, in application of domestic law, Community law and international conventions.

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