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Debt Recovery

Areas of practice

Studio Legale Hartner offers legal assistance in debt recovery throughout Italy.

If debts are not paid, the Firm first sends to the debtor a formal service notice via registered mail. At the Client’s request, the Firm negotiates agreements on re-entry plans.

In the case of failure to collect the credit, the only alternative is to have the debtor ordered to pay the outstanding amount by the Court. When suitable conditions exist, applications for injunctions can be lodged with the Court, otherwise, ordinary lawsuits have to be filed.

When the recovery of the debt is in immediate jeopardy, it may be useful to take protective measures, by seizing the debtor’s goods for security.

After obtaining the enforcement order and having verified the debtor’s solvency, the Firm then identifies the most suitable legal instruments for enforcing repayment, assisting the Client until effective satisfaction of the claims.

The Firm has developed a highly skilled level of competence relative to the new discipline governing enforcement procedures on movable assets which, among other things, has streamlined the procedures and aligned sale prices to market prices, and has laid responsibility on the debtor, imposing more penetrating duties of collaboration, in line with the provisions of other European legal systems.

For credit recovery abroad, the Firm takes avail of qualified mother-tongue professionals with many years’ specific experience who can assist the Client directly in the country in which the recovery action, whether in or out of court, takes place.

At EC level, to satisfy the requests of its international Clients, Studio Legale Hartner has acquired specific competence in the application of the new discipline of the so-called European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims.

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